In School PDHPE Programs

With the significant pressures faced in primary schools today with jam-packed curriculum measured by standardised testing such as NAPLAN, PDHPE tends to receive some neglect or reduced time throughout the school days.

The Exergames' team aims to create highly engaging PE sessions through the implementation of flexible and adaptive programming tailored to your school’s needs. With a strong focus on the concept ‘TGFU’ (Teaching Games for Understanding) and Positive Behavioural Learning, Exergames creates an environment that is fully inclusive allowing for all students to achieve success.

With specialised staff leading the way, sessions are catered to classes K-6 and run for as little as 40min whilst ensuring syllabus outcomes are being addressed. Furthermore, Exergames aims to cooperate with classroom teachers to allow for cross-curricular learning to occur in game-based activities in an outdoor setting to consolidate learning.

Invasion Games activities

Invasion Games

Invasion programs develop skills involving teams and zones that have attacking and defending components with an objective to score points such as soccer, basketball, touch football and more.

Net Games activities

Net and Wall Games

Net and Wall programs develop skills involving the ability to successfully hit/throw an object into a designated space without the opposition returning the object such as Tennis, Squash, Volleyball and Badmington.

Striking Games activities

Striking and Fielding Games

Striking and Fielding programs develop skills involving striking and retrieving objects such as Cricket, Softball, Baseball and more.

Target Games

Target programs develop skills involving throwing or striking an object close to a target such as Bowling, Golf, Archery and Bocce.

Athletics activities


Athletics programs help teach skills associated with High Jump, Shot Put, Sprints, Relays, Long Jump and Discus.

Soccer activities


Soccer programs focus on skills, drills and games to improve beginners, intermediates and advanced students when it comes to the world sport.

Sporting Schools

Exergames is currently endorsed to provide 4 programs in the Sporting Schools program in partnership with Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA), Basketball Australia, and Baseball Australia.

Sporting Schools logo

Sporting Schools

Exergames are Sporting Schools endorsed. Visit the Sporting Schools site to learn about this Australian Government initiative.

Quick Stix Lacrosse logo

Quick Stix Lacrosse

Visit the Quick Stix website for more information on this form of Lacrosse.

Aussie T-Ball logo

Aussie T-Ball

An introductory program to Baseball for boys and girls of all abilities. Check out the site for more info.

Baseball5 logo


Baseball5 is a new five on five street version of Baseball that can be played anywhere. Visit the site for further info.

Basketball logo

Aussie Hoops (Basketball)

Aussie Hoops provides boys and girls with a fun and safe Basketball experience that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of involvement in the game. To find out more, check out their site.