Why Choose Exergames?

Here are some of the reasons you should consider Exergames.

Unique Equipment

Exergames will come into your school with all their own gear, including equipment never-before-seen in Australia.

Scalable Pricing

The flexibility and freedom to choose the right Exergames package for your school.

New Curriculum

Programs tailored to the new PDHPE curriculum which becomes mandatory for 2020.

Outcomes Driven

Age-specific programs that address the majority of PDHPE syllabus outcomes.

Cross Curricular

Cross-curricular learning, reinforcing what is learnt in the classroom in an outdoor setting.

Experienced Staff

NESA-accredited teaching staff as well as specialised coaches which means teachers can have the freedom to stay for the session or have some relief.

How we deliver highly engaging PE sessions for students

The Five Stages of Exergames

Stage 1 - Trial Session

Exergames showcase a variety of activities across session(s).

Stage 2 - Choose your package

Select which Exergames pack is best suited for your school.

Stage 3 - Planning

Learning outcomes identified and sessions aligned accordingly.

Stage 4 - Implementing

Exergames run session(s) at your own school with their own equipment.

Stage 5 - On-going Evaluation

Built-in evaluation ensuring Exergames is having an impact on student learning.

Our Staff: NESA Accredited 

Staff are either NESA accredited teachers and/or have qualifications and experience in implementing physical activity programs to primary aged students.

Each staff member must undergo constant Exergames Training and Development to ensure the delivery of Exergames sessions are of the highest quality.

Benefits for Students


Greater participation in physical activity that will lead to improvements in:




Building Strong Bones and Muscles

Fundamental Movement Skills


Reaction Time

Spatial Awareness

Stress Management


Ability to develop and grow in:



Communication Skills


Problem-solving Skills

Overcoming Challenges

Team Based Activities


Self Esteem

Benefits for Teachers

Professional Knowledge

Opportunities to gain ongoing professional knowledge in implementing highly engaging and outcome focused physical activity sessions

Relief Teaching

Release from face-to-face teaching that focuses on curriculum aligned outcomes


Learn new and innovative ways to engage students through a positive-behaviourist approach


Expand and extend on previously designed school-based programs to include new/innovative games from around the world

Increase Rapport

Gain a stronger positive rapport with students in an outdoor setting

Sporting Schools

Exergames is currently endorsed to provide 4 programs in the Sporting Schools program in partnership with Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA), Basketball Australia, and Baseball Australia.

Sporting Schools logo

Sporting Schools

Exergames are Sporting Schools endorsed. Visit the Sporting Schools site to learn about this Australian Government initiative.

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Quick Stix Lacrosse

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Aussie T-Ball

An introductory program to Baseball for boys and girls of all abilities. Check out the site for more info.

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Baseball5 is a new five on five street version of Baseball that can be played anywhere. Visit the site for further info.

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Aussie Hoops (Basketball)

Aussie Hoops provides boys and girls with a fun and safe Basketball experience that serves as an introduction to a lifetime of involvement in the game. To find out more, check out their site.